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Project Description

As you already know SharePoint 2010 has a feature to Drag and Drop Files for uploading into Document Library. However there is no possibility to add some description before upload in some specific field for these files. So I have created SilverLight Multiple File Uploader Visual Webpart for uploading files into defined document library. You can edit many properties in this webpart and one of these properties is Label Name. If you define Label Name for Example "Title" you can in silverlight webpart add Description to every file, after you will upload such file it will be updated with description in field "Title".


- Drag and drop files to the SilverLight webpart
- Select multiple files to upload
- Define document library name
- Define if needed subfolder location in document library
- Define target field from document library for the description label in SilverLight webpart
- Configure file extension filter (for example, only .docx files)
- Configure the maximum allowed size of individual files
- Configure maximum allowed total size of files
- Configure maximum allowed number of files to be uploaded at the same time
- Configure overwrite settings for each file
- Error notification when upload failed
- Shows the overall progress
- Simply configuration via WebPart properties with validation
- Clear the full list

1. Download file and unzip it
2. You will see two folders.
3. First go to folder 1. Xap File and upload file SilverlightFileUploader.xap file to some Document Library in your SharePoint site
4. Now go to folder 2. WSP File and install SharePointMultipleFileUploader.wsp from SharePoint 2010 Management Shell.
   For Example:
    - Add-SPSolution c:\SharePointMultipleFileUploader.wsp
    - Install-SPSolution –Identity SharePointMultipleFileUploader.wsp –WebApplication http://intranet –GACDeployment
    - Enable-SPFeature –Identity SharePointMultipleFileUploader_Feature1 –url http://intranet

Note: You must Enable feature directly from Management Shell because in method feature activated is special security configuration for uploading files larger then 3MB!

5. After Installation go to page on which you want to have this webpart and Add it to WebPart zone. You will find this webpart in Custom Category.

Before you can use this webpart you must configure it.
1. First you need to define webpart property XAP Location. The location where you have uploaded xap file.

For Example: /SilverLight/SilverlightFileUploader.xap
SilverLight - is name of Document Library

If you want to place XAP file in SUBSITE document library you must add full path to this file:
For Example: http://intranet/subsite/documents/SilverlightFileUploader.xap

2. You need to configure also name for Document LIbrary where you want to upload files.

These two properties(Xap Location and Library Name) are required!

3. You can also define subfolders in document library where you want to upload files

4. If you want you can define field name from document library to add description to every file in silverlight webpart in label field (Label field in silverlight is not readonly!)

5. You can also define other properties like Allow Types, Maximum File Size, Maximum Size for All Files and Maximum files to upload. (Size must be defined in MB. For Example: 0.5 or 2.3 or 5 or 6.7)

As I already said you need to configure at least first two properties(Xap Location and Library Name), other properties ar optional and can be empty.

Manual Configuration:
If you don't want to use my Visual WebPart you can simply only use XAP file in any ASPX file like this:

<object data='data:application/x-silverlight-2,' type='application/x-silverlight-2' width='700' height ='400'>
<param name='source' value='/SilverLight/SilverlightFileUploader.xap'/>
<param name='background' value='white' />
<param name='minRuntimeVersion' value='4.0.50303.0' />
<param name='autoUpgrade' value='true' />
<param name='windowless' value='false'/>
<param name='initParams' value='WebUrl=http://intranet,LibraryName=dokumenty,SubfolderName=subfolder1/subfolder2,LabelName=Title,AllowTypes=,MaxFileSize=1.5,MaxSize=3.2,MaxFiles=5' />
<a href='' style='text-decoration:none'>
<img src='' alt='Get Microsoft Silverlight' style='border-style:none'/></a>

But don't forget to define every parameter in initParams.
For example:

 If You need to add comma(,) in paramaters please add it like %2c : music%2c photos

1. You cannot add whole folders to this webpart (Security limitations - SilverLight)
2. Maximum file size cannot be larger then 30MB (Security limitations - SharePoint) - if you contact me I can send you information how to setup larger maximum file size.

If you will find any bugs or if you have problem with installation please let me know at or post your findings in Issue Tracker.

Thanks goes to:
Matthew - SharePoint Guru

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